Source code for mezzanine.twitter.templatetags.twitter_tags

from __future__ import unicode_literals
from future.builtins import int, str

from collections import defaultdict

from mezzanine.conf import settings
from mezzanine.twitter import (QUERY_TYPE_USER, QUERY_TYPE_LIST,
from mezzanine.twitter.models import Tweet, TwitterQueryException
from mezzanine import template

register = template.Library()

[docs]def tweets_for(query_type, args, per_user=None): """ Retrieve tweets for a user, list or search term. The optional ``per_user`` arg limits the number of tweets per user, for example to allow a fair spread of tweets per user for a list. """ lookup = {"query_type": query_type, "value": args[0]} try: tweets = Tweet.objects.get_for(**lookup) except TwitterQueryException: return [] if per_user is not None: _tweets = defaultdict(list) for tweet in tweets: if len(_tweets[tweet.user_name]) < per_user: _tweets[tweet.user_name].append(tweet) tweets = sum(_tweets.values(), []) tweets.sort(key=lambda t: t.created_at, reverse=True) if len(args) > 1 and str(args[-1]).isdigit(): tweets = tweets[:int(args[-1])] return tweets
[docs]@register.as_tag def tweets_for_user(*args): """ Tweets for a user. """ return tweets_for(QUERY_TYPE_USER, args)
[docs]@register.as_tag def tweets_for_list(*args): """ Tweets for a user's list. """ return tweets_for(QUERY_TYPE_LIST, args, per_user=1)
[docs]@register.as_tag def tweets_default(*args): """ Tweets for the default settings. """ query_type = settings.TWITTER_DEFAULT_QUERY_TYPE args = (settings.TWITTER_DEFAULT_QUERY, settings.TWITTER_DEFAULT_NUM_TWEETS) per_user = None if query_type == QUERY_TYPE_LIST: per_user = 1 return tweets_for(query_type, args, per_user=per_user)