Source code for mezzanine.pages.page_processors

from __future__ import unicode_literals
from future.builtins import str as _str

from collections import defaultdict
from importlib import import_module

from django.apps import apps
from django.utils.module_loading import module_has_submodule

from mezzanine.pages.models import Page
from mezzanine.utils.importing import get_app_name_list

processors = defaultdict(list)

[docs]def processor_for(content_model_or_slug, exact_page=False): """ Decorator that registers the decorated function as a page processor for the given content model or slug. When a page exists that forms the prefix of custom urlpatterns in a project (eg: the blog page and app), the page will be added to the template context. Passing in ``True`` for the ``exact_page`` arg, will ensure that the page processor is not run in this situation, requiring that the loaded page object is for the exact URL currently being viewed. """ content_model = None slug = "" if isinstance(content_model_or_slug, (str, _str)): try: parts = content_model_or_slug.split(".", 1) content_model = apps.get_model(*parts) except (TypeError, ValueError, LookupError): slug = content_model_or_slug elif issubclass(content_model_or_slug, Page): content_model = content_model_or_slug else: raise TypeError("%s is not a valid argument for page_processor, " "which should be a model subclass of Page in class " "or string form (app.model), or a valid slug" % content_model_or_slug) def decorator(func): parts = (func, exact_page) if content_model: model_name = content_model._meta.object_name.lower() processors[model_name].insert(0, parts) else: processors["slug:%s" % slug].insert(0, parts) return func return decorator
LOADED = False
[docs]def autodiscover(): """ Taken from ``django.contrib.admin.autodiscover`` and used to run any calls to the ``processor_for`` decorator. """ global LOADED if LOADED: return LOADED = True for app in get_app_name_list(): try: module = import_module(app) except ImportError: pass else: try: import_module("%s.page_processors" % app) except: if module_has_submodule(module, "page_processors"): raise