Source code for mezzanine.generic.templatetags.rating_tags

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from mezzanine import template
from mezzanine.generic.forms import RatingForm

register = template.Library()

[docs]@register.inclusion_tag("generic/includes/rating.html", takes_context=True) def rating_for(context, obj): """ Provides a generic context variable name for the object that ratings are being rendered for, and the rating form. """ context["rating_object"] = context["rating_obj"] = obj context["rating_form"] = RatingForm(context["request"], obj) ratings = context["request"].COOKIES.get("mezzanine-rating", "") rating_string = "%s.%s" % (obj._meta, context["rated"] = (rating_string in ratings) rating_name = obj.get_ratingfield_name() for f in ("average", "count", "sum"): context["rating_" + f] = getattr(obj, "%s_%s" % (rating_name, f)) return context.flatten()