Source code for mezzanine.generic.managers

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django_comments.managers import CommentManager as DjangoCM

from mezzanine.conf import settings
from mezzanine.core.managers import CurrentSiteManager

[docs]class CommentManager(CurrentSiteManager, DjangoCM): """ Provides filter for restricting comments that are not approved if ``COMMENTS_UNAPPROVED_VISIBLE`` is set to ``False``. """
[docs] def visible(self): """ Return the comments that are visible based on the ``COMMENTS_XXX_VISIBLE`` settings. When these settings are set to ``True``, the relevant comments are returned that shouldn't be shown, and are given placeholders in the template ``generic/includes/comment.html``. """ visible = self.all() if not settings.COMMENTS_UNAPPROVED_VISIBLE: visible = visible.filter(is_public=True) if not settings.COMMENTS_REMOVED_VISIBLE: visible = visible.filter(is_removed=False) return visible
[docs] def count_queryset(self): """ Called from ``CommentsField.related_items_changed`` to store the comment count against an item each time a comment is saved. """ return self.visible().count()
class KeywordManager(CurrentSiteManager): def get_by_natural_key(self, value): """ Provides natural key method. """ return self.get(value=value) def get_or_create_iexact(self, **kwargs): """ Case insensitive title version of ``get_or_create``. Also allows for multiple existing results. """ lookup = dict(**kwargs) try: lookup["title__iexact"] = lookup.pop("title") except KeyError: pass try: return self.filter(**lookup)[0], False except IndexError: return self.create(**kwargs), True def delete_unused(self, keyword_ids=None): """ Removes all instances that are not assigned to any object. Limits processing to ``keyword_ids`` if given. """ if keyword_ids is None: keywords = self.all() else: keywords = self.filter(id__in=keyword_ids) keywords.filter(assignments__isnull=True).delete()