Source code for mezzanine.generic.admin

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib import admin
from django_comments.admin import CommentsAdmin
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _

from mezzanine.generic.models import ThreadedComment

__all__ = ('ThreadedCommentAdmin',)

[docs]class ThreadedCommentAdmin(CommentsAdmin): """ Admin class for comments. """ list_display = ("avatar_link", "intro", "submit_date", "is_public", "is_removed", "admin_link") list_display_links = ("intro", "submit_date") list_filter = [f for f in CommentsAdmin.list_filter if f != "site"] fieldsets = ( (_("User"), {"fields": ("user_name", "user_email", "user_url")}), (None, {"fields": ("comment", ("is_public", "is_removed"))}), ) def get_actions(self, request): actions = super(CommentsAdmin, self).get_actions(request) actions.pop("delete_selected") actions.pop("flag_comments") return actions # Disable the 'Add' action for this model, fixed a crash if you try # to create a comment from admin panel def has_add_permission(self, request): return False
generic_comments = getattr(settings, "COMMENTS_APP", "") == "mezzanine.generic" using_disqus = bool(getattr(settings, "COMMENTS_DISQUS_SHORTNAME", False)) if generic_comments and not using_disqus:, ThreadedCommentAdmin)