Source code for mezzanine.forms.page_processors

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django.shortcuts import redirect
from django.template import RequestContext

from mezzanine.conf import settings
from mezzanine.forms.forms import FormForForm
from mezzanine.forms.models import Form
from mezzanine.forms.signals import form_invalid, form_valid
from mezzanine.pages.page_processors import processor_for
from import split_addresses, send_mail_template
from mezzanine.utils.views import is_spam

[docs]def format_value(value): """ Convert a list into a comma separated string, for displaying select multiple values in emails. """ if isinstance(value, list): value = ", ".join([v.strip() for v in value]) return value
[docs]@processor_for(Form) def form_processor(request, page): """ Display a built form and handle submission. """ form = FormForForm(page.form, RequestContext(request), request.POST or None, request.FILES or None) if form.is_valid(): url = page.get_absolute_url() + "?sent=1" if is_spam(request, form, url): return redirect(url) attachments = [] for f in form.files.values(): attachments.append((, entry = subject = page.form.email_subject if not subject: subject = "%s - %s" % (page.form.title, entry.entry_time) fields = [(v.label, format_value(form.cleaned_data[k])) for (k, v) in form.fields.items()] context = { "fields": fields, "message": page.form.email_message, "request": request, } email_from = page.form.email_from or settings.DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL email_to = form.email_to() if email_to and page.form.send_email: send_mail_template(subject, "email/form_response", email_from, email_to, context) headers = None if email_to: # Add the email entered as a Reply-To header headers = {'Reply-To': email_to} email_copies = split_addresses(page.form.email_copies) if email_copies: send_mail_template(subject, "email/form_response_copies", email_from, email_copies, context, attachments=attachments, headers=headers) form_valid.send(sender=request, form=form, entry=entry) return redirect(url) form_invalid.send(sender=request, form=form) return {"form": form}