Source code for mezzanine.forms.models

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django.db import models
from django.utils.encoding import python_2_unicode_compatible
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _

from mezzanine.conf import settings
from mezzanine.core.fields import RichTextField
from mezzanine.core.models import Orderable, RichText, wrapped_manager
from mezzanine.forms import fields
from mezzanine.pages.models import Page

[docs]class Form(Page, RichText): """ A user-built form. """ button_text = models.CharField(_("Button text"), max_length=50, blank=True) response = RichTextField(_("Response")) send_email = models.BooleanField(_("Send email to user"), default=True, help_text=_("To send an email to the email address supplied in " "the form upon submission, check this box.")) email_from = models.EmailField(_("From address"), max_length=254, help_text=_("The address the email will be sent from"), blank=True) email_copies = models.CharField(_("Send email to others"), blank=True, help_text=_("Provide a comma separated list of email addresses " "to be notified upon form submission. Leave blank to " "disable notifications."), max_length=200) email_subject = models.CharField(_("Subject"), max_length=200, blank=True) email_message = models.TextField(_("Message"), blank=True, help_text=_("Emails sent based on the above options will contain " "each of the form fields entered. You can also enter " "a message here that will be included in the email.")) class Meta: verbose_name = _("Form") verbose_name_plural = _("Forms")
[docs]class FieldManager(models.Manager): """ Only show visible fields when displaying actual form.. """ def visible(self): return self.filter(visible=True)
[docs]@python_2_unicode_compatible class AbstractBaseField(Orderable): """ A field for a user-built form. """ label = models.TextField(_("Label")) field_type = models.IntegerField(_("Type"), choices=fields.NAMES) required = models.BooleanField(_("Required"), default=True) visible = models.BooleanField(_("Visible"), default=True) choices = models.CharField(_("Choices"), max_length=1000, blank=True, help_text=_("Comma separated options where applicable. If an option " "itself contains commas, surround the option with `backticks`.")) default = models.CharField(_("Default value"), blank=True, max_length=settings.FORMS_FIELD_MAX_LENGTH) placeholder_text = models.CharField(_("Placeholder Text"), blank=True, max_length=100) help_text = models.TextField(_("Help text"), blank=True) objects = wrapped_manager(FieldManager) class Meta: abstract = True verbose_name = _("Field") verbose_name_plural = _("Fields") def __str__(self): return self.label
[docs] def get_choices(self): """ Parse a comma separated choice string into a list of choices taking into account quoted choices. """ choice = "" (quote, unquote) = ("`", "`") quoted = False for char in self.choices: if not quoted and char == quote: quoted = True elif quoted and char == unquote: quoted = False elif char == "," and not quoted: choice = choice.strip() if choice: yield choice, choice choice = "" else: choice += char choice = choice.strip() if choice: yield choice, choice
[docs] def is_a(self, *args): """ Helper that returns ``True`` if the field's type is given in any arg. """ return self.field_type in args
[docs]class Field(AbstractBaseField): form = models.ForeignKey("Form", on_delete=models.CASCADE, related_name="fields") class Meta(AbstractBaseField.Meta): order_with_respect_to = "form"
[docs]class FormEntry(models.Model): """ An entry submitted via a user-built form. """ form = models.ForeignKey("Form", on_delete=models.CASCADE, related_name="entries") entry_time = models.DateTimeField(_("Date/time")) class Meta: verbose_name = _("Form entry") verbose_name_plural = _("Form entries")
[docs]class FieldEntry(models.Model): """ A single field value for a form entry submitted via a user-built form. """ entry = models.ForeignKey("FormEntry", on_delete=models.CASCADE, related_name="fields") field_id = models.IntegerField() value = models.CharField(max_length=settings.FORMS_FIELD_MAX_LENGTH, null=True) class Meta: verbose_name = _("Form field entry") verbose_name_plural = _("Form field entries")