Source code for mezzanine.conf.context_processors

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from warnings import warn

from django.utils.encoding import python_2_unicode_compatible

# Deprecated settings and their defaults.

[docs]@python_2_unicode_compatible class TemplateSettings(dict): """ Dict wrapper for template settings. This exists to enforce the restriction of settings in templates to those named in TEMPLATE_ACCESSIBLE_SETTINGS, and to warn about deprecated settings. Django's template system attempts a dict-style index lookup before an attribute lookup when resolving dot notation in template variables, so we use ``__getitem__()`` this as the primary way of getting at the settings. """ def __init__(self, settings, allowed_settings, *args, **kwargs): super(TemplateSettings, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.settings = settings self.allowed_settings = set(allowed_settings) def __getattr__(self, k): try: return self.__getitem__(k) except KeyError: raise AttributeError def __getitem__(self, k): if k not in self.allowed_settings: warn("%s is not in TEMPLATE_ACCESSIBLE_SETTINGS." % k) raise KeyError if k in DEPRECATED: warn("%s is deprecated. Please remove it from your templates." % k) try: return getattr(self.settings, k) except AttributeError: return super(TemplateSettings, self).__getitem__(k) def __setitem__(self, k, v): self.allowed_settings.add(k) super(TemplateSettings, self).__setitem__(k, v) def __repr__(self): return repr(dict((k, self[k]) for k in self.allowed_settings if hasattr(self.settings, k) or k in self)) def __str__(self): return repr(self)
[docs]def settings(request=None): """ Add the settings object to the template context. """ from mezzanine.conf import settings allowed_settings = settings.TEMPLATE_ACCESSIBLE_SETTINGS template_settings = TemplateSettings(settings, allowed_settings) template_settings.update(DEPRECATED) # This is basically the same as the old ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX setting, # we just use it in a few spots in the admin to optionally load a # file from either grappelli or Django admin if grappelli isn't # installed. We don't call it ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX in order to avoid # any confusion. admin_prefix = "grappelli/" if settings.GRAPPELLI_INSTALLED else "admin/" template_settings["MEZZANINE_ADMIN_PREFIX"] = admin_prefix return {"settings": template_settings}