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from __future__ import unicode_literals
from future.builtins import str, int

from calendar import month_name

from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model
from django.http import Http404
from django.shortcuts import get_object_or_404
from django.template.response import TemplateResponse
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _

from import BlogPost, BlogCategory
from import PostsRSS, PostsAtom
from mezzanine.conf import settings
from mezzanine.generic.models import Keyword
from mezzanine.utils.views import paginate

User = get_user_model()

[docs]def blog_post_list(request, tag=None, year=None, month=None, username=None, category=None, template="blog/blog_post_list.html", extra_context=None): """ Display a list of blog posts that are filtered by tag, year, month, author or category. Custom templates are checked for using the name ``blog/blog_post_list_XXX.html`` where ``XXX`` is either the category slug or author's username if given. """ templates = [] blog_posts = BlogPost.objects.published(for_user=request.user) if tag is not None: tag = get_object_or_404(Keyword, slug=tag) blog_posts = blog_posts.filter(keywords__keyword=tag) if year is not None: blog_posts = blog_posts.filter(publish_date__year=year) if month is not None: blog_posts = blog_posts.filter(publish_date__month=month) try: month = _(month_name[int(month)]) except IndexError: raise Http404() if category is not None: category = get_object_or_404(BlogCategory, slug=category) blog_posts = blog_posts.filter(categories=category) templates.append(u"blog/blog_post_list_%s.html" % str(category.slug)) author = None if username is not None: author = get_object_or_404(User, username=username) blog_posts = blog_posts.filter(user=author) templates.append(u"blog/blog_post_list_%s.html" % username) prefetch = ("categories", "keywords__keyword") blog_posts = blog_posts.select_related("user").prefetch_related(*prefetch) blog_posts = paginate(blog_posts, request.GET.get("page", 1), settings.BLOG_POST_PER_PAGE, settings.MAX_PAGING_LINKS) context = {"blog_posts": blog_posts, "year": year, "month": month, "tag": tag, "category": category, "author": author} context.update(extra_context or {}) templates.append(template) return TemplateResponse(request, templates, context)
[docs]def blog_post_detail(request, slug, year=None, month=None, day=None, template="blog/blog_post_detail.html", extra_context=None): """. Custom templates are checked for using the name ``blog/blog_post_detail_XXX.html`` where ``XXX`` is the blog posts's slug. """ blog_posts = BlogPost.objects.published( for_user=request.user).select_related() blog_post = get_object_or_404(blog_posts, slug=slug) related_posts = blog_post.related_posts.published(for_user=request.user) context = {"blog_post": blog_post, "editable_obj": blog_post, "related_posts": related_posts} context.update(extra_context or {}) templates = [u"blog/blog_post_detail_%s.html" % str(slug), template] return TemplateResponse(request, templates, context)
[docs]def blog_post_feed(request, format, **kwargs): """ Blog posts feeds - maps format to the correct feed view. """ try: return {"rss": PostsRSS, "atom": PostsAtom}[format](**kwargs)(request) except KeyError: raise Http404()