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from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django import forms

from import BlogPost
from mezzanine.core.models import CONTENT_STATUS_DRAFT

# These fields need to be in the form, hidden, with default values,
# since it posts to the blog post admin, which includes these fields
# and will use empty values instead of the model defaults, without
# these specified.
hidden_field_defaults = ("status", "gen_description", "allow_comments")

[docs]class BlogPostForm(forms.ModelForm): """ Model form for ``BlogPost`` that provides the quick blog panel in the admin dashboard. """ class Meta: model = BlogPost fields = ("title", "content") + hidden_field_defaults def __init__(self): initial = {} for field in hidden_field_defaults: initial[field] = BlogPost._meta.get_field(field).default initial["status"] = CONTENT_STATUS_DRAFT super(BlogPostForm, self).__init__(initial=initial) for field in hidden_field_defaults: self.fields[field].widget = forms.HiddenInput()