Source code for mezzanine.accounts

Provides features for non-staff user accounts, such as login, signup
with optional email verification, password reset, and integration
with user profiles models defined by the ``ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL``
setting. Some utility functions for probing the profile model are
included below.
from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django.apps import apps
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model
from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured

from mezzanine.utils.deprecation import get_related_model
from mezzanine.utils.importing import import_dotted_path

[docs]class ProfileNotConfigured(Exception): pass
[docs]def get_profile_model(): """ Returns the Mezzanine profile model, defined in ``settings.ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL``, or ``None`` if no profile model is configured. """ if not getattr(settings, "ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL", None): raise ProfileNotConfigured try: return apps.get_model(settings.ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL) except ValueError: raise ImproperlyConfigured("ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL must be of " "the form 'app_label.model_name'") except LookupError: raise ImproperlyConfigured("ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL refers to " "model '%s' that has not been installed" % settings.ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL)
[docs]def get_profile_for_user(user): """ Returns site-specific profile for this user. Raises ``ProfileNotConfigured`` if ``settings.ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL`` is not set, and ``ImproperlyConfigured`` if the corresponding model can't be found. """ if not hasattr(user, '_mezzanine_profile'): # Raises ProfileNotConfigured if not bool(ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL) profile_model = get_profile_model() profile_manager = profile_model._default_manager.using(user._state.db) user_field = get_profile_user_fieldname(profile_model, user.__class__) profile, created = profile_manager.get_or_create(**{user_field: user}) profile.user = user user._mezzanine_profile = profile return user._mezzanine_profile
[docs]def get_profile_form(): """ Returns the profile form defined by ``settings.ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_FORM_CLASS``. """ from mezzanine.conf import settings try: return import_dotted_path(settings.ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_FORM_CLASS) except ImportError: raise ImproperlyConfigured("Value for ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_FORM_CLASS " "could not be imported: %s" % settings.ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_FORM_CLASS)
[docs]def get_profile_user_fieldname(profile_model=None, user_model=None): """ Returns the name of the first field on the profile model that points to the ``auth.User`` model. """ Profile = profile_model or get_profile_model() User = user_model or get_user_model() for field in Profile._meta.get_fields(): if get_related_model(field) == User: return raise ImproperlyConfigured("Value for ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_MODEL does not " "contain a ForeignKey field for auth.User: %s" % Profile.__name__)